”Don’t say I didn’t warn you. xx

February 27th
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"Let the world honor you, my Huntress," Artemis said. “Live forever in the stars.”

February 13th
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February 01st
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The gods - Pt1.

February 01st
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Give Me Your Wardrobe - Alexandra Daddario

January 26th
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January 26th
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"I’m a sucker that way. Thalia can flash those blue eyes, give me one kind word, and she can get me to do pretty much whatever."

January 26th
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*chokes on life force*


COME ON FOLLOW HER!!11!!!!!!!!!!1

January 26th
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baby, i just ran out of bandaids
i don't even know where to start 
cause you can bandage the damage 
you never really can fix a heart

January 26th
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Acting is like a child walking in the park, the better the actor, the greater the playground he has.

January 26th
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